A 10-Step Guide To Defeating Your Technology Addiction

And the 7 signs that you might want to pick up the pace

Katie E. Lawrence


Photo by Matteo Vistocco on Unsplash

We have a problem.

A big problem.

It’s easy to not realize it. After all, who is really counting how much time they spend on their phone or laptop?

how much time I spend on my iPad

I guess my Apple products are…anyways…

It’s easy to lie to ourselves and justify what we’re doing. “I’m just staying connected”, or “I’m just taking a break from life for a minute.” But is that really all that we’re doing?

addiction — the state or condition of being dedicated or devoted to something

Our so called “technology addiction” has gotten so ridiculous as a culture that what’s referred to as “internet addiction” is now included in the DSM-V with three different subcategories with some common features.

At the very least, technology will ruin your eyes and take away time from the things that you actually wish you could be doing with your life.

At the very worst, you’ll develop a clinical level addiction to screens, online presence, and avoiding real life at all costs.

No one plans to become addicted to technology…we just don’t have good barriers, boundaries, or plans to dealing with the excessive lure of the online world.

Here are seven signs that you might be addicted to technology, maybe more than you realize:

1 — You can’t take a walk without your phone in your hand or feel like something’s wrong if your phone is ever out of your sight

2 — You have “the twitch” (what Anthony Ongaro calls the feeling we need to compulsively use technology/social media — or “an impulsive, unproductive, repeated response to a feeling of discomfort”)



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