What no one’s ever told you about having an incredible day

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Ever since the beginning of time, people have understood what is important about mornings. Rising with the sun, (or before), has been something that people have done for centuries. If you were running a farm, you’d have to rise before the sun came up in order to get all of the work done.

You only had so much daylight and you had to spend it wisely — the same applies today. …

What you need to know about getting (and staying) in bed

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Who would have thought that sleep would be such an essential and important topic. Back in January of last year I published an article called 10 Ways To Guarantee Better Sleep, which, sense its publication, has been my second most popular article, amassing 28,000 views and counting. If anything, it taught me how important it is to get back to the basics. And sleep really is one of the basics. If you aren’t sleeping right, then you aren’t living right. The Sleep Assocation’s website says the following:

“50–70 million US adults have a sleep disorder. 48.0% report snoring. 37.9% reported…

A few crucial time-management tacts to glean from the rich

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Most people dream of being rich. And even if they don’t care to have so much money to handle or to run a Fortune 500 company, we all want to live well — to live with a reasonable amount of comfort, pleasure, and fulfillment — all of which the American-deemed “rich life” seem to provide. The question is, is that true? And if it is, how do we emulate the rich in a way that will give us the rich life we so direly crave?

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what…

The secret: It’ll make you happier and a better planner

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Ryder Carroll is someone that I truly admire. From my own personal experience, it seems that a lot of people in love with his analog planning system, the bullet journal, don’t seem to understand who he is and why he created his handwritten planning system.

As someone who also lives with ADHD, this spoke to me — as I usually go through a couple planners a month. …

Case studies that prove when you own less, you do more

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I used to think that I had to make things complicated. After all, I’m a student taking 17 hours of classes, participating in the Auburn University Honors college, running my own tutoring and creative writing teaching business, working part time, and writing a novel — not to mention writing things such as these. With all of that going on, I thought I needed a 27-tiered organization system to keep track of it all. In the end, the exact opposite appeared true.

It’s been said a million times before but it’s worth saying again: having more apps and logistical things to…

Becoming a writer for Masterpieces In Progress

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I’m so glad you found the publication and am so excited about your interest in becoming a regular writer for us. We’re a new publication, and are eager to get new people ready to produce great content for us and help build our community. If you’re still interested, definitely keep reading…

We are allowed to be masterpieces and works in progress — simultaneously.

  • Anybody who’s interested in growing and learning everyday
  • People from various stages of life, whether that be college, retirement, head of a family, traveling the globe, or whatever life may look like for you
  • Creative and unique…

And other lessons in what freelance writing has taught me about real authority

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I used to think that making money on the internet was a scam. Now, admittedly, it still can be. There are some YouTube ads and random pop ups that are suggesting things that I’m pretty darn sure would never work — but one thing has proved true in my life: content production can be profitable.

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise.”― Sylvia Plath

Now I’m not a sociologist so I won’t speculate too much on why this is true in our largely…

Lessons to learn from Tim Ferris’ best-selling book

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I was probably about thirteen years old when I first found and utterly devoured Tim Ferris’ first book, The 4-Hour Workweek. Although I didn’t have any sort of business at the time, I wanted to, and I was chomping at the bit to start something and begin making money.

Fast forward several years, I’ve read the book again, and I’ve had a few questions about it. The 4–Hour Workweek, while an engaging title and a clever idea from the legend Ferriss himself, still appears to be a vague concept at the end of your read.

“Focus on being productive instead…

A tale of my failings in professional partnerships

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I can’t say I’ve learned how to do a lot of things in my life, but I’ve certainly learned how not to do a lot of things. One of those, without a doubt, would be how to be and find a good business partner. I’ve explored I don’t know how many business ventures through the years, almost done of them being successful. Sometimes it was a content creation business, a singular project like a screenplay, a book, a blog, you get the idea.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

— Helen Keller

Each time…

What we need to know about stress, spending, and satisfaction

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Let’s be honest, our world has turned into that focuses a lot on intuition. In a world of “follow your gut”, “trust your heart”, and “intuitive dieting”, we’ve come to understand the value in aligning yourself with what your inner voice is telling you. What’s so great about this though, and what numerous personal testimonials will speak to, is that it doesn’t just have to apply to the big moments. Your intuition, and consequential trusting of it, can result in you living a happier and more directed life in every area and in every day to day part of life.

Katie E. Lawrence

Life is good — let’s talk about it. Enneagram enthusiast, Human Development and Family Studies student at Auburn University, and a few other things.

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