3 shocking statistics that will change the way you monitor your kids online

The internet is scarier than you think it is

Katie E. Lawrence


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Pexels

While surveys and reports have a span of numbers regarding the amount of trouble children have run into online, there’s one conclusion that they all come to.

Our children’s innocence is being taken away online.

Whether it’s through porn, chatrooms, cyberbullying, depression caused by lack of social interaction, or deviant relationships fueled by online connection, kids and adolescents alike are suffering.

Maybe more shocking than this is how oblivious parents are to it.

“The real enemy of genius is the router in the hallway.”
A.O. Monk

I’ve had countless conversations now with my mom about her inability to monitor and manage what I did online, and how I stumbled into trouble I wasn’t even looking for because proper guardrails hadn’t been set up.

These conversations have been full of me struggling to finally be honest, and with her working through the guilt of not protecting me.

There’ve been hard conversations where I’ve tried to show her that it wasn’t her fault and that I don’t blame



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